oral sex  

BabeHaratha 18F
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1/11/2018 4:39 pm
oral sex

how do you eat pussy?
like yogurt
with tongue only (leedle leedle lee lol)
i dont eat pussy
however she likes it
with a kiss

amkamk48001 50M/48F  
186 posts
1/12/2018 5:52 am

He eats pussy with tongue and sucking the clit and tongue fucking, buries his whole face between the legs...mmmmmmmmm

1025mws 54M
549 posts
1/12/2018 6:00 pm

As long as she enjoys it!! It does not really matter.
Lick, suck, and nibble on her clit and pussy till she cums or asks you to fuck her. It up to you and her.

1025mws 54M
549 posts
1/12/2018 6:01 pm

Babe, How do you like to have you pussy eat?

olderputz 78M
2 posts
1/12/2018 7:04 pm

Primarily with tongue and sucking clit with lips. Slight teeth pressure when appropriate. Never fails to produce monster orgasm...over and over again.

hetroman2015 50M  
18 posts
1/13/2018 7:12 am

i probe at first... slow and soft to hard and fast.... until i find that spot that makes your legs shiver....then i attack that....looking to make you grab my head and your legs lock around me and u nut with just my tongue...

funasianma1e 43M
27 posts
1/13/2018 7:44 pm

also makes a difference if the pussy is shaved, trimmed, or natural

Hornyhiker18 47M  
8 posts
1/14/2018 4:08 am

Nah, you gotta use your lips, your tongue and well places but gentle teeth as well. If she's not thrashing and moaning and pulling hair, you're not doing it right!

ironman4u2012 40M  
5 posts
1/14/2018 9:51 am

I've been told that I should teach a class on how to eat pussy they say I'm the best they ever had want to find out?

justskin1 66M
10158 posts
1/14/2018 7:13 pm

With passion! Using my tongue and lips, licking, probing, using my lips to nibble and pull her lips. Drinking in her savory aroma and glorious nectar. Eating pussy is a feast and I wrote a post on it Oral A Sensual Feast .
Oh yeah, it makes great foreplay but I do love to eat after I have filled her with my cum and vigorously mixed it with her juices. Cream pie is delicious and leads to more cream pie.

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

zippy4815 47M  
19 posts
1/16/2018 10:28 pm

Fingers inside, gently sucking the clit and swirling my tongue around.

JimmyB7474 53M
1395 posts
1/18/2018 10:29 am

I missed a calling I think. My partners say I should have been born a lesbian I spend so much time eating at the "Y" LOL... That being said, I like to cup my hand under my chin and tickle the G spot while I suck and lick the clit. Then when she cums just enjoy the flavor...... I have been known to play clean up after I cum inside as well. Jimmy B.

]My blog is called Into The Woods (erotic tales) entertaining stories about some guy named Jimmy.

FthoodBimale 45M
14 posts
1/19/2018 5:36 am

I eat pussy like I suck dick . I go at it like it maybe the last time I get some so I lick it suck it flick the clit with my tongue then lightly nibble on it . then I tonge fuck her and hope she cums all over my face

Richard51015 53M
18 posts
1/20/2018 8:31 pm

And the winner is.....

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