Flavorsaver22 38M
14 posts
1/11/2018 10:09 am

What is most active time to hook up? In general.
Morning -before 9am
mid Morning 9am-12am
after noon 1pm 5pm
evening -5pm to 9pm
night 9pm on

BiggLala 46F  
21824 posts
1/11/2018 11:08 am

There is no set time. I'm sure people's availability depends on their individual work and personal schedules.

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Flavorsaver22 38M
10 posts
1/11/2018 12:08 pm

i just presented a poll to see what people say is their most active time in general.

papis_baby_girl 42F  
3943 posts
1/11/2018 5:43 pm

well if one is attached or married then the optimal time to cheat would be morning...preferably before work.

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1025mws 54M
594 posts
1/12/2018 5:45 pm

There is not real set time.. As long as you are both available and willing to meet and have fun and great sex together..

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