Frozen Water pipes  

Michaelmjblucas1 49M  
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1/13/2018 11:53 am

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Frozen Water pipes

Last weekend, my water pipes froze. The temp outside was basically Zero F. From years gone by, I anticipated such issues. This year, before the winter, I had some wildlife critters under my mobile home, doing damage to the insulation there. I should have fixed this before the winter.

Anyway, I WAS preparing to add some insulation, and bought some! Last Tuesday, on my lunch hour, from work, I bought some pipe insulation. When I got home, I heard and saw water flow!!!! To Late NOW !

I crawled under my home and got wet, to shut off the main. I called out to work, for the next day, and then started to call nearby plumbers.

Wed., a plumber came, and 4 hours later, and $900.00 later, it was fixed.

What I learned, was a LOT! 1: Prepare for the winter! 2: Fix things! 3: Look for unseen circumstances, and do something, before it becomes a problem. I should have checked my heat tape, as THAT was a problem too! (It got wet, and thus did not work). I learned much more.

If it gets THAT cold, let your faucets trickle, (not flow), so the water continues to move, and does not freeze entirely !

Open cabinet doors, to allow heat to reach pipes!

In mobile (manufactured) homes, the space in between the floor and the insulation barrier needs heat too! The heat ducts emit heat in this area, and allows for some heat to keep the pipes, also in this space, from freezing!

So unlike houses, DON'T wrap your heat ducts with insulation, thinking you'll save energy. In mobile homes, you WILL save energy, but your pipes will freeze, and cost you more!

Being curious and asking questions is a good thing!

oldbstrd55 61M  
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1/13/2018 6:26 pm

That sucks and not in a good way. I haven't had to deal with frozen pipes for a while. My last plumbing issue was a shitty one. My dad was a plumber, so I grew up knowing how to fix it and one of my sons is a plumber too. Saved me about $1500.

Wookiespanker 49M
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1/13/2018 12:46 pm

You can also get heating cable for your pipes that has a built in thermostat. It's a bit like the stuff you can put in your rain gutters. Plumbing is not as much fun as the pornos make it look, but what is really?

Michaelmjblucas1 49M  
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1/13/2018 12:02 pm

Frozen water pipes! Okay, looking at the title of my blog, from an outside point of view, I guess this could be looked at as having a problem sexually ! I wish I had answers for THAT too! But in reality, my problem was very literal, thus boring, or ????

But let's look at this way. Without water, what can you do? For me, without water, I could not shower, or wash dishes, or clothes! And this was for almost 5 days! Imagine if you didn't have water to do such things! How will you cope with this problem?

Being curious and asking questions is a good thing!

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